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Our normal delivery is based on door-to-door, 1st-floor drop-off and pickup. We will stack the equipment neatly, ready to be set up by the customer. All long walkways, 2nd-story and difficult deliveries are subject to a portage fee.


Indicate the quantity desired in the box next to the item.


4' x 8'

3' x 8'

2' x 8'

4' x 6'

4' x 4'

3' x 4'

2' x 4'

3' x 3'

2' x 3'

4' Round Deck

3' Quadrant Deck

4' Quadrant Deck

5' Quadrant Deck

6' Quadrant Deck

16' Diameter Deck

20' Diameter Deck

24' Diameter Deck

4' x 8' Triangle

4' x 4' Triangle

3' x 3' Triangle

4' Guardrail with backplates

3' Guardrail with backplates

2' Guardrail with backplates

4' LOW Guardrail with backplates

2' LOW Guardrail with backplates

Guardrail Rack

Guardrail Backplate

7 Step Adjustable Stairs

5 Step Adjustable Stairs

3 Step Adjustable Stairs

Box Tread 6"

Box Tread 12"

1" Box Tread Lifter

Steeldeck Professionals will automatically add the “legs with welded-on couplers” to obtain the finished height that has been indicated in the quote request. If you would like additional Accessories, Fittings or Tools please request below.


Legs and Caster Sleeves

Legs with Welded-On Coupler

Leg End Caps

Leg Rack


Moveable Handrail Uprights

4' x 8' Double Skin

Car Ramps

12" Caster

8" Swivel Caster

8" Swivel Caster with Screw Jack

6" Swivel Caster

6" Swivel Caster with Foot Brake

Caster Sleeve

Moveable Corner Posts

Leg to Leg Clamp

"Oops" Clamp

Inset Post

Hook to Connect Platform Leg to Truss

Screw Jack

Swivel-Base Screw Jack

Adjusting Foot

Bar Grating (Aluminum)


Elbow - Hollaender Fitting

Adjustable Elbow or Tee

Fixed Clip

Swivel Clip

"X" Braces

Brace Joiner

M10 x 60mm Bolts

Joint Plates

Left/Right Hand Couplers

Chain Clamp

Ratchet Straps


Torque Wrench